I get no results with german Sharepoint 2010 Foundation

Dec 12, 2013 at 3:33 PM
i have problems to get any results with the webpart.
I have some document libraries on my SharePoint and i try to show all NEW documents in all libraries on one page.
I have a german sharepoint 2010 foundation. I have deployed and activated the webpart as you discribed. I can put in the webpart on a new document library but i get no results?
This are my settings:

Content Type Name : I have tried "Dokumente", "Elemente", "Documents" and empty
List Base Type Id : 1
Scope Type = I have tried "SiteCollection", "Recursive" and empty
Query : empty
All other fields are Default.

Can you give me a hint to get results shown?!
Thanks for your advice!

With Kind regards,